Ignition System Sachse ZDG3, V7 models

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Ignition System Sachse ZDG3 for V7 models. Replaces the single contact point to a modern 2 sensor-system with 2 ignition coils similar to the later models
The computer has 9 different program settings, to meet the demands of normal and twin spark setups. A rev limit is programmable to either 7900 Rpm or 8700 Rpm, depending on model and use.
Users of electronic rev-counters can choose between cam pulse (one pulse every two crank revolutions) and crank pulse (one pulse ecrank revolution)
Works fine with coils that have primary resistance of 2 Ohms and more.
Timing advance is set by a switch, wire connections to the box can easily be disconnected due to the removable clamp device.
A current cut-off circuit, to protect the coils when engine is not running, is of course included.

! A second ignition coil is needed here !

If the original electronic rev-counter is used, an adaptor module is needed. Modern electronic rev-counters however, can be used without problems or adaptor.. 

More information for timing advance can be found here.

A mounting guideline can be found here

V7-700, V7-750, V7-Spezial, V7 850 GT, Eldorado, Ambassador.