Outlet valve, 37 mm

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Outlet valve, 37 mm

LM-1, LM-2, LM-3, 1000-S 2nd series, Quota 1000, Quota ES, Cali 1100, Cali 1100 i, Cali-EV, Jackal, Stone, Cali Special, Cali-3 2nd series, Mille GT 2nd series, SP-3.

info Our valves are reworked in Germany, to be exact, we have them  reground centerless by a specialised company. As the quality of available valves is getting worse, we have no other choice. The stem surface is too rough, causing early wear of the valve guides. This is well visible even in the photos. Also, the stem tolerances are not within specification, causing seizure betwen valve stem and valve guide. As this is not acceptable for us, we shall only distribute these reworked valves.
You can be sure to get quality valves with correct measurements, perfect radial runout and a smooth stem surface for low friction in the valve guide.