Ignition System Newtronic, Complete Set for T3, LM-1,2,3, SP etc.

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The "Piranha" is back !

Contactless ignition system for models with contact point - distributor.

Complete electronic ignition system, substituting the contact points. Works fine with the original or aftermarket coils. (from 3 Ohm)
Comes with instructions and cable harness.
This is the new version of the well known "Piranha" ignition system, with many improvements including smd pc-board, more sturdy pickups and led´s to assist you adjusting static timing.

V7-Sport, 750-S, 750-S3, 850-T, 850 T3, T4, LM-1, LM-2, LM-3, LM-1000, 1000-S, 1000-SP, V 1000-G5, Convert, 850 T5, Cali-2, Cali-3, Mille GT, SP-2, SP-3.

HMB-TIP For all folks that are afraid of too much electronic stuff in their guzzi... In case of unlikely malfunction, this system can be implemented in a way, that changing back to contact points is done within 10 minutes at the roadside. To achieve this, you need our optional CNC rotor upgrade. This rotor can be adjusted on distributor spindle and there is no need to turn the distributor to adjust this system. Therefore, the distributor stays in the position it had with contact points, making it easy to change if needed.
! Not for Motoplat or single contact V7 distributor !