Input shaft damping set, all 5-Speed models with helical cut gears

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Input shaft damping set, for all 5-Speed models with helical cut gears.

V7-Sport, 750-S, 750-S3, 850 GT, 850-T, 850 T3, T4, LM-1, LM-2, 1000-SP, V 1000-G5, 850 T5, Cali-2, Cali-3, Mille GT, SP-2, SP-3, LM-3, LM-1000, 1000-S, Cali-1100, Cali-1100 i.

HMB-TIP Good alternative to spring type damper, as the springs tend to break. This variation is used in all Californias from 2001 onwardsWith this set, you can easily update your gearbox, ensuring safe operation. Set consists of original parts !
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